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I'm Sacha Walton, your go-to Business Strategist, Speaker, and TEDx Event Organizer, here to guide you toward your TEDx dreams.


Unleash Your Inner TEDx Speaker and Transform Your Life! 


Are you ready to take the stage and share your groundbreaking ideas with the world? 

Introducing our EXCLUSIVE New Year Mastery Program: The TEDx Speaker Blueprint! 

This 6-week journey is YOUR ticket to TEDx stardom! 


Tedx 6wk Mastery Program.png

Picture This:

 **Week 1:**

Dive into the electrifying TEDx Universe! Discover your PASSION and EXPERTISE. Brainstorm IDEAS that will change lives. Your journey begins here.

 **Week 2:**

Craft your TEDx talk like a PRO! Master the art of powerful openings and closings. Weave compelling STORIES that leave your audience begging for more.

 **Week 3:**

Polish your content to PERFECTION! Learn the secrets of stunning SLIDES (if needed). Refine your message for CLARITY and IMPACT. Get ready to dazzle. 

**Week 4:**

Perfect your DELIVERY! Conquer stage fright, embrace CONFIDENCE. Practice with the pros. Record your practice run - your journey is unstoppable. 

**Week 5:**

Immerse yourself in the TEDx EXPERIENCE! Understand event logistics and BUILD lifelong connections. Fine-tune your talk based on EXPERT feedback. Shine like a star. 

**Week 6:**

It's SHOWTIME! Experience the thrill of the TEDx stage. Deliver your talk with unparalleled CONFIDENCE and IMPACT. Seize POST-TEDx opportunities like a true visionary.

But............... that's not all! Our Mastery Program grants you access to:


**Weekly live coaching sessions: ** Learn from seasoned speakers and coaches who've been in your shoes.


**Online discussion forums: ** Connect with peers for feedback and SUPPORT.


**Resources, templates, and guides: ** Get the insider knowledge you need to craft and deliver a TEDx talk that will WOW the world.


**Personalized feedback: ** We're with you every step of the way, helping you fine-tune your talk drafts and practice sessions.


By the end of this life-changing program, you'll be armed with the skills and knowledge to deliver a CAPTIVATING TEDx talk that will leave your audience in AWE! 


And here's the kicker: Our EXCLUSIVE New Year cost for this life-altering experience is just $697! 


But wait, there's a catch! 🕒

We have LIMITED spots available, and they're filling up FAST! The clock is ticking, and this offer won't last forever. 

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. The world is waiting to hear YOUR voice, YOUR story, and YOUR ideas.

Join the TEDx Speaker Blueprint NOW and make 2024 YOUR year of TRANSFORMATION

Act swiftly, or you'll miss out on your chance to SHINE on the TEDx stage! 

Secure your spot TODAY and embark on the journey of a LIFETIME


Click the link below and start your TEDx adventure NOW


There are two ways to reserve your slot:

Available Payment Options

This program is valued at $1,797 and the exclusive offer of $697 is only available when you use code: Ready24

This option allows you to pay the $697 over time. 3 reoccurring automatic payments, every 2 weeks at $232.50.


*Reoccurring payments are effective after the first payment and will auto-draft from your credit or debit card every two weeks until balance is paid in full.

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