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Her Way Blog Series

Women's History Month: Stories of Everyday Women with Sacha Walton, featuring Elisa Boogaerts, founder of Inspiration by Elisa.

An interview with Sacha Walton, CEO of SWI Management Group


It’s Women’s History Month! I’m excited to take the opportunity to celebrate stories of everyday women making an impact in their communities in our Her Way Series. Women are the backbone of society, whether they’re activists and educators, scientists and doctors, lawyers and athletes, business owners and CEOs, or any other profession that calls for a diverse range of skills. It’s important to recognize the tireless efforts of these trailblazers. Thanks to these everyday women, we’ve seen so much progress and positive change.

This Women’s History Month, let’s lift up and applaud all the amazing, talented, and diverse women around the world who are making their voices heard. I had an amazing interview for our Her Way Women's History Month Series on with business owner Elisa Boogaerts.