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FontLab Fontographer 523 Build 4868 Portable: A Powerful Tool for Font Designers

FontLab Fontographer 523 Build 4868 Portable: A Powerful Tool for Font Designers

FontLab Fontographer 523 Build 4868 Portable is a handy application that allows you to create and edit fonts with ease. Whether you want to design new typefaces or customize existing ones, Fontographer gives you the tools and features you need to produce high-quality fonts for any project.

Fontographer is a font editor for desktop publishing that supports both TrueType and PostScript formats. You can draw, import, or convert outlines, edit metrics and kerning, generate font families, create OpenType features, and more. Fontographer also lets you exchange working files with FontLab Studio, another professional font editor from FontLab Ltd.

FontLab Fontographer 523 Build 4868 Portable


One of the advantages of Fontographer is that it is portable, meaning you can run it from a USB flash drive or any other removable media without installation. This makes it convenient to use on different computers or operating systems. You can also save your work as a project file that contains all the font information and resources in one place.

Fontographer has a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use. You can access all the functions from the menus, toolbars, panels, and dialogs. You can also customize the workspace according to your preferences and workflow. Fontographer provides various tools for drawing and editing outlines, such as pen, knife, eraser, ruler, freehand, and transform. You can also use guides, grids, and snap options to align and adjust your shapes.

Fontographer allows you to edit the font metrics and kerning using the metrics window. You can view and modify the advance width, side bearings, ascender, descender, cap height, x-height, and other parameters of each glyph. You can also create kerning pairs and classes to improve the spacing between letters. Fontographer supports both manual and automatic kerning methods.

Fontographer enables you to generate font families with different weights, styles, and widths. You can use the family window to define the family name, style name, style linking, panose number, and other attributes of each font member. You can also use the blend tool to create intermediate fonts by interpolating between two master fonts.

Fontographer supports OpenType features that enhance the functionality and appearance of fonts. You can use the features window to create and edit feature definitions using a simple syntax. You can also use the preview window to test your features in different applications and languages. Fontographer supports various OpenType features such as ligatures, alternates, swashes, small caps, fractions, contextual forms, and more.

Fontographer allows you to generate fonts in various formats such as TrueType (.ttf), PostScript Type 1 (.pfb), OpenType (.otf), Multiple Master (.mm), Web Open Font Format (.woff), and more. You can also export your fonts as EPS or SVG files for further editing or printing. Fontographer also lets you print font specimens and sample texts using different settings and options.

Fontographer is a powerful tool for font designers who want to create and edit fonts with ease. It offers a wide range of features and functions that help you produce high-quality fonts for any project. You can download Fontographer from or buy it from 0efd9a6b88


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