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IDOLiSH7: Second Beat! Episode 5 _VERIFIED_

On July 7, 2018, Idolish7 was green-lit for a second season.[33] The second season, titled Idolish7: Second Beat! aired from April 5 to December 27, 2020, with the cast and staff returning to reprise their roles.[34][35][36] On April 13, 2020, it was announced that after the fourth episode, the remaining episodes of the season had been delayed due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.[37] On August 20, 2020, it was announced that the season will resume with the third episode on October 4, 2020.[38]

IDOLiSH7: Second Beat! Episode 5


Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Japan and the State of Emergency that was enacted by the Japanese government and 7 prefectures, including Tokyo and the surrounding metropolis, the second season of hit idol TV anime series IDOLiSH7 will have its second season, which is titled IDOLiSH7 Second BEAT!, postponed after the broadcast of the 4th episode on April 26.

IDOLiSH7 season one was first broadcast from January 7, 2018, with Crunchyroll streaming the episodes shortly after its Japanese broadcast. The second season started airing on April 5 and has also been streaming on Crunchyroll as it aired. 041b061a72


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