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The Great Resignation

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Nicolas Pauccar Libro Pdf Downloadl

Nicolas Pauccar Libro Pdf Downloadl

Nicolas Pauccar Calcina is a Q'ero priest, a spiritual guide, a healer, and a descendant of the Inca lineage. He is the author of the book Asi Habla un Q'ero (As a Q'ero Speaks), which is a testimony of his life, his wisdom, and his cosmovision. The book is available in Spanish and can be downloaded as a PDF file from various sources on the internet.

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The Q'ero are an indigenous people of Peru, who live in the high Andes mountains. They are considered to be the last direct descendants of the Inca empire, and they preserve their ancestral traditions and knowledge. The Q'ero have a sacred relationship with nature, and they practice a system of reciprocity and collaboration called Ayni. Ayni means to give and receive in balance, to help each other, and to be grateful for everything that exists.

In his book, Nicolas Pauccar Calcina shares his personal story, his experience as a spiritual leader, a physical and emotional healer, and a teacher of the Q'ero culture. He also reveals the secrets of the Apus, the mountain spirits that guard and guide the Q'ero people. He explains the concept of health and disease in his worldview, and how to create our own reality and improve ourselves. He invites the readers to connect with the essence of nature, and to learn from the ancient truths of the universe and life.

The book is a valuable source of information and inspiration for anyone who is interested in the Q'ero culture, the Inca heritage, or the spiritual wisdom of the Andes. It is also a testimony of the resilience and dignity of the Q'ero people, who have survived centuries of oppression and marginalization, and who still maintain their identity and values.

If you want to download the book as a PDF file, you can find it in some of the following links:


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