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The Great Resignation

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As a kid, I wanted nothing more than to tumble down a rabbit hole or burrow through the back of a wardrobe and enter a strange and secret new world. As a big kid back in the early 1990s, I found that world in the Internet, which was maddeningly difficult to get into and inhabited only by wild and woolly creatures. But since e-commerce marched in, cyberspace has looked less like a private Narnia or Wonderland and more like a tourist-infested Disneyland. These days, I've found a a much better way to unlock secret digital worlds: Go on an Easter-egg hunt.

Wonderland Secret Worlds Full Version Crack

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Branch of Sin: Ganbare Gun (頑張れガン, Ganbare Gan, lit. "Do your best" Gun) During his fight with Azuma Genkaku, Ganta discovers an improved version of his Ganta Gun. This version has a faster and much more powerful bullet that causes patterned, black lines (shiny red-pink in the anime) to cover his body. Ganbare Gun's bullets look slightly different than a regular Ganta Gun bullet. When the bullet hits its target directly, it expands and rapidly explodes causing a great amount of damage. Ganta's first use of this variant was by accident. A major weakness regarding this attack is that Ganta uses up a large amount of blood and can lose consciousness more quickly. Over time, Ganta overcame the anemia effect and was able to fully control this ability. Due to the overuse of it, Ganta sustained burn marks beginning on his chest where the red crystal was implanted all the way to his elbow. Overuse also caused Ganta great amounts of chest pain. Before the crystal in his chest was destroyed, Ganta's Branch of Sin was slowly killing him as a result of overuse of the Ganbare Gun.


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