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Domnisoara Poimaine Si Joaca De-a Timpul.pdf

Domnisoara Poimaine Si Joaca De-a Timpul.pdf - A Review

Domnisoara Poimaine Si Joaca De-a Timpul (Miss Tomorrow and the Play of Time) is a children's book written by Adina Rosetti and illustrated by Cristiana Radu. It was published in 2014 by GRUPUL EDITORIAL ART and won the award for the most beautiful book for children and youth at the gala of the most beautiful books in Romania. It also received the award for the best book for children and youth at the gala of Bun de Tipar.


The book tells the story of Miss Tomorrow, a young princess who lives in the kingdom of old Tempus, the ruler of time. She is unhappy with her inheritance, the Future, and wishes to explore the Present and the Past, which belong to her siblings, Mr. Today and Mrs. Yesterday. With the help of a magic wand and a fairy tale book, she embarks on a series of adventures that make her appreciate the value of time and its different aspects.

The book is a creative and playful way of introducing children to the concept of time and its dimensions. It also teaches them about patience, curiosity, responsibility, and gratitude. The book is full of humor, imagination, and charm, and the illustrations are colorful and expressive. The book is suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old, but it can also be enjoyed by adults who want to rediscover the magic of childhood.

If you want to read this book, you can find it in PDF format online, or you can buy it from various online bookstores . You can also read some reviews from other readers on Goodreads.

Domnisoara Poimaine Si Joaca De-a Timpul is a delightful and enchanting book that will make you smile and wonder. It is a perfect gift for any child who loves stories and dreams.


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