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Whether hanging out with friends and co-workers or entertaining clients, The Cutwater Stretch boxes are the perfect way to enjoy Saratoga! Featuring three different styles with seating ranging from 4-12 people in each, these seats are a must-have for the race meet.

People Nyra

Take advantage of a unique, elevated view of the track at one of our three dining tiers, including: Reserved bar seating, middle tier dining tables with seating for 6-8 people, and lower tier dining with half-moon table seating for 4 people.

In addition to leading and implementing initiatives to assess whether internal operations and practices are consistent with social justice values, Jordan amplifies community experts and founders focused on people-centered technology solutions for those impacted by the justice system. She believes that tech can create opportunities and help reduce inequities in the criminal and civil justice system -- but only if it is designed by, with and for people with direct experience in the system or those who have dedicated their lives to criminal and civil justice change. She is also co-creating a coalition to bring funding to underrepresented founders by convening entrepreneurs and investors within the justice tech sector.

THS specializes in equine assisted therapy, which rescues and retrains retired racehorses for hands-on work with individuals in need. THS horses get a new purpose by serving as a source of support while engaging in confidence-building and improving coping abilities for people of all ages. Their assistance can cover the gamut from children dealing with anxiety to victims of domestic violence and veterans.

At the time, equine therapy was beginning to gain a real foothold in the aftercare community. But fortified by demonstrated success stories and several comprehensive studies that document the benefits of equine therapy for people with mental health issues, the field has gained a lot of adherents in the wellness field. Last year, the State of University of New York [SUNY] Cobleskill even added a Therapeutic Horsemanship program.

While there were some questions raised about whether NYRA should have been compensated for any of its rights to the properties, everyone understood that the legislature had limited NYRA to a life estate to the racetrack properties in return for NYRA receiving an extension of the racing franchise until the year 2000.[4] If NYRA were to go out of existence or lose its franchise, the racetrack properties would belong to the State. As Arthur Kremer, the chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, proclaimed in the Assembly debate on the 1983 legislation, In the year 2000, when the charter of the Racing Association and the franchise expires, all of the tracks presently used by NYRA and covered by their franchise will be turned over to the people of the State of New York for the people of the State of New York to own as their property.[5]

Despite what people may believe in the 21st century, in 1983: (1) Everyone involved in New York racing, including the media, knew that the legislation made the State the owner of the racetrack properties, and (2) NYRA fully consented to the arrangement under which NYRA racetrack properties became the property of the State.

Nyra Jordan is a founding and social impact investment director of the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. In this role, Nyra partners with and supports enterprises that are working to build resilient communities in the wake of environmental and social inequities. In addition, she amplifies the voices of experts and founders focused on people-centered solutions for those impacted by the justice system.

The National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) is a youth-led Civil and political rights led by Margin Zheng & Ashawn Dabney-Small President & Vice-President of NYRA organization in the United States promoting youth rights,[1] with approximately 10,000 members.[citation needed] NYRA promotes the lessening or removing of various legal restrictions that are imposed on young people but not adults, for example, the drinking age,[2] voting age,[3] and the imposition of youth curfew laws.[4]

"It's a huge benefit to people who stay with us all year. If their horse gets five starts by the end of the summer, then all fall and winter they are running for increased purse money," said Martin Panza, NYRA's senior vice president of racing operations. "If we just raised purses $1,000 a race, it wouldn't help because we know 15% of the trainers earn 85% of the money. This is designed so any trainer can benefit. If you run your horses here, you will benefit, and maybe this will get people thinking twice before they ship out-of-state to run. If you are a trainer, now you are just penalizing yourself and your owner by doing that."

"I commend NYRA and Martin Panza in particular for thinking creatively to create real incentive programs that get people to run at NYRA tracks. That's what we all want, whether you are a horseman, or a member of NYRA management," said owner Joe Appelbaum, president of the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association. "Anyone interested in New York racing wants to see more racing, bigger fields, and bigger handle because of the bigger fields. I think it's great to see NYRA think creatively and try new things, especially those with the direct benefit of getting horses to run more often and increasing field size."

"I agree that they should reward people who race in New York all year," he said. "It is important from a loyalty standpoint, and to keep our races filled all year. Everybody loves Saratoga, but no one wants to see four-horse fields there, and there are plenty of claiming races and New York-bred races at Saratoga. If we don't give those outfits with claimers and state-breds a chance to earn significant purse money, it's foolish to think they'll be around in the summer to run their horses. I think Martin is right on to reward these horsemen."

"It's a competitive world, and whenever money is at stake, there's all sort of incentives for people to play with the margins, but Martin has put in some good safeguards. It's a creative program and a thoughtful one on the horse welfare end, too. I'm sure we'll all keep an eye on it to make sure no one abuses the rules," Appelbaum said. "Hopefully, no one kills the golden goose."

"After (Duncker) presented us with the idea, we ran about three years of stats to see what it cost. It will be in the millions, but the more and more we looked at it, the more it made sense. You should reward the people who stay with you. If you want to run out of town, fine. Next year, we might tweak it so that if you run out of town, you lose a start, but we'll run it for a calendar year and see what happens. The purses at Aqueduct are already better than virtually anyone else, and this will only make racing here all year even more attractive."

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the nameNYRA is69.0% White,9.8% Hispanic origin,16.4% Black,1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander,2.5% Two or More Races,and 0.7% American Indian or Alaskan Native.These figures should be considered only as a rough estimate.The purpose of this graph is to compare the name's specific race andHispanic origin distribution to the distributionin the general population of the US.

The vertical blue bars represent the race distribution of people that have the name.The yellow horizontal lines represent the race distribution of the general population.The amount by which the blue bars extend past the yellow horizontal lines determineshow likely a person with the name will be part of a given race or Hispanic origin group.

Shown are the top 20 most likely full names that have NYRA as a first name.The length of the bars represents an estimate of the the number of people with the name expressed asa percentage of all the people named NYRA.

Those who choose to picnic in the unreserved backyard grounds of the track can bring their own chairs or even a pop-up tent, and sit wherever they wish. Those who are hoping to get a picnic table can participate in the 7:00 AM rush when the track opens for breakfast, where many people claim their picnic table for later by putting a cooler or tablecloth on it. After you've "reserved" your spot, you can leave until just before the gates open for paid admission.

Additionally, reserved tables are available in the Miller Time Fourstardave Sports Bar in the lower Carousel. These can accommodate two, four, and six people. Personal coolers and outside food and beverage are not permitted in the Miller Time Fourstardave Sports Bar.

To reserve group hospitality areas, like the Stella Artois Spa Verandas, 1863 Club, Paddock Suite, Tailgate at the Turn, and Easy Goer, contact the NYRA Box Office at 844-697-2849 or

NYRA offers preferred parking and trackside parking (details below), and those who go to the track from any direction but Exit 14 will see signs and people trying to wave you into their homemade parking lots. Lawns become lots, and as a general rule, the closer to the track, the more expensive the parking.

The National Youth Rights Association is dedicated to defending the civil and human rights of young people in the United States. We believe certain basic rights are intrinsic parts of American citizenship and transcend age or status limits. As the world's leading democracy, the United States should not lag behind other nations in granting first-class citizenship to its young people. NYRA aims to achieve its goals through educating people about youth rights, working with public officials to devise fitting policy solutions to problems affecting young people and empowering young people to work on their own behalf.

The National Youth Rights Association is a national non-profit dedicated to fighting for the civil rights and liberties of young people. We fight against age discrimination. NYRA has members in all 50 states, and chapters from coast to coast. We work to lower the voting age, lower the drinking age, repeal curfew laws, protect student rights, and fight against ageism where ever we see it. 041b061a72


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