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Gorilla Grain Super Pack (H.264) 35mm 16mm And Vintage Grain Rar

Gorilla Grain Super Pack (H.264) 35mm 16mm and Vintage Grain rar

If you are looking for a way to add cinematic film grain to your footage, you might be interested in the Gorilla Grain Super Pack. This is a collection of 21 different real film grains in 2K resolution, taken from 35mm, 16mm, and vintage film sources. You can download the pack in H.264 MOV format, which is compatible with most video editing software.

The Gorilla Grain Super Pack offers a variety of grain densities and styles to suit your needs. You can choose from fine, medium, or coarse grain, and from clean, muddy, or dirty versions. The muddy and dirty versions include realistic film imperfections such as hair, dirt, and flicker. The vintage grain is a unique effect that mimics the look of old and damaged film, with crazy colors and artifacts.


To use the Gorilla Grain Super Pack, you simply need to place the grain clip over your footage in your timeline, and change the blending mode to overlay. You can also adjust the opacity and brightness/contrast of the grain to fine-tune the effect. The pack also includes a bonus 16mm camera sound effect that you can use to add some extra realism to your video.

The Gorilla Grain Super Pack is a great tool for filmmakers who want to achieve that film look without shooting on actual film. It can add some texture and character to your digital footage, and make it more organic and cinematic. You can purchase the pack from the official website for $99, or get it as part of the Gorilla Grain Ultimate Package, which includes all the Gorilla Grain products in 4K resolution for only $67.

If you want to see some examples of how the Gorilla Grain Super Pack can enhance your videos, you can check out some of the testimonials and samples on the website. You can also download a free sample grain clip from the website to try it out for yourself.


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