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Antheropeas Wallacei

General: Woolly Easterbonnets (Antheropeas wallacei) are annual forbs that grows close to the ground, a typical "belly flower." Getting down on your belly, flower watchers will notice the small yellow, sunflower-type flowers with woolly hairs on the stems and leaves (woolly, but not cobweb-covered). The tip of the leaf is rounded, not notched.

antheropeas wallacei

Eriophyllum wallacei is a North American flowering plant in the family Asteraceae known by the common names woolly daisy and woolly easterbonnets. It grows in the southwestern United States (Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California, with an isolated population in Wyoming) and northwestern Mexico (northern Baja California).[2][3][4] It may grow in clumps or on short erect stems in sand, rocks, and gravel.[5]

North America species range map for Wallace Eriophyllum, Eriophyllum wallacei:North American range map courtesy of Virginia Tech, Dept. of Forest Resources & Environmental ConservationClick image for full size map

Special Value to Native bees, Butterflies and InsectsEriophyllum wallacei flowers and plants may be visited by native bees, butterflies and/or insects in search of food, nectar or cover. 041b061a72


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