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I'm Sacha Walton, your go-to Business Strategist, Speaker, and TEDx Event Organizer, here to guide you toward your TEDx dreams.


Dive into an immersive experience designed to transform your communication skills and elevate your story to TEDx-worthy heights.

For 2 days we will embark on an exhilarating 90-minute journey that will transform your aspirations into a tangible reality – become the TEDx speaker you've always dreamed of being! Get ready for a workshop like no other, as we delve deep into the intricacies of the coveted TEDx platform, unraveling the secrets to not just speaking but leaving an indelible mark on the TEDx stage.


Picture this: an immersive experience that goes beyond the surface, using the powerful "I Want To Be A TEDx Speaker" framework to crystallize your vision and ignite the flames of desire to grace the TEDx stage. This isn't just a workshop; it's a gateway to unlocking your potential and making your mark on the world's most influential speaking platform.



️As the clock ticks through our 90-minute exploration, you'll gain unparalleled insights into the TEDx universe. We're not merely scratching the surface – we're diving headfirst into the heart of what makes a TEDx talk not just memorable but transformative. Brace yourself for an adventure that transcends traditional workshops, a journey that will reshape your understanding of public speaking, branding, and personal empowerment.



What to Expect!



Our exploration extends far beyond the spotlight and delves into the intricate dance between personal brand and TEDx success. 

You'll uncover strategies to elevate your brand, ensuring that when you step onto that TEDx stage, your presence is not just felt but remembered. 

This is your opportunity to learn how to leverage the TEDx platform to catapult your personal and professional journey to unprecedented heights.

Imagine leaving this transformative workshop armed not just with knowledge but with a clear roadmap to TEDx success. Imagine having the tools to turn your vision into a compelling narrative, ready to captivate TEDx audiences around the globe. 

This isn't just about being a speaker; it's about becoming a storyteller, a catalyst for change whose words resonate long after the applause fades.


About The Workshop

Tedx program (2).png

As a bonus for the

"Chat in the Garden Group"



We will dive more into techniques for crafting a TEDx topic and talk and receive feedback on the talk. 

I am committed to preparing speakers for the TEDx stage. A unique experience unlike any other speaker platform.

In this program you will get the following:


-Masterclass replay

-1 complimentary 30 min session

-A guaranteed virtual audition for our next TEDx event

Are You Ready for The Experience?

Payment Options:

2 payments of $237.50

Full Payment of $475


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