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​SWI Management Group, founded by Sacha Walton, provides professional business solutions in the area of event planning and execution, strategic planning and implementation, marketing, branding, and consulting.


We are a global company comprised of a broad range of experienced event professionals in a multitude of disciplines to include planning, management, hospitality, and vendor administration.  In addition, our team is committed to assisting our clients with accomplishing their objectives. Therefore, SWI philosophy and ethics reflect our principles, core values, mission, and vision.


Our Company has vast experience with corporations and non-profit organizations. We provide added value as an expediter with sponsorships, marketing, and event planning.  We serve our clients by completing a needs assessment that primarily exposes the most direct approach for developing more efficient marketing and event development strategies for a successful event.



Sacha Walton

Founder & CEO

An innovative event strategist from Hampton Virginia has executed many events. Her driven passion to see a plan manifest into the full potential of how it was envisioned for each client. With her degrees in Business, Business Management/Administration and a Master’s in Management; Sacha has added a wealth of knowledge and years of event planning, marketing, public relations, branding, strategy implementation, and consulting experience to many of her clients.  Her versatility, diligence, insight, and foresight have added a value to all she has worked with.   

Sacha’s professionalism, buoyant attitude, and character have paved the way for many opportunities and people to come to her for event planning and consultations.  She is the 2021 ACHI Woman of Inspiration Award Winner, speaker, author, and podcast host for the According 2 Sacha podcast.

Sacha Walton is the owner of S.W.I., (Sacha Walton Innerprise, LLC) which is the parent company of SWI Management Group and SWI Entertainment.  A few of her accomplishments includes a position as the Local Coordinator for The Unashamed Tour (Hampton VA); Event Coordinator for PK Productions 2013 Friday Night Live PreStellar Showcase (Nashville, TN); actor Michael Copon’s Hollywood Live; Event Coordinator for the 2014 SonRise Music Festival where she also served as board member; and an interview appearance on TBN – Hampton Roads; 2016 Gotta Be Me Fashion Showcase/Friday Night Live – Vegas Edition (Stellar Award Weekend Las Vegas); and The 2019 50th Annual MLK Tribute for the County of Arlington Parks and Recreation.

Her values and beliefs have shaped her business leading an excellent group of staff members and interns.  


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