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We vodcast streams live via StreamYard, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

We promote all vodcast on Instagram and TikTok

Attention Artists

We are inviting indie artists to showcase their music on our podcast starting in April 2022. Vibes will be hosted twice a month and each artist receives 30 mins. You host a virtual listening party, be interviewed and play your music live to 3k+ viewers. 

30 mins as a featured artist

Music is streamed via According 2 Sacha Podcast on major streaming platforms

Promotion on According 2 Sacha Facebook pages, Twitter, TikTok (up to 3mins) Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Download of the artist feature to add to your marketing campaign

Flyer creation for spotlight promo

All for $150

Serious Inquiries Only


Step 1

Bemail your mp4 file to info@swimgtgroup for review

Step 2

Make the $150 payment via the invoice sent to your email

Step 3

Book your date

Step 4

Get Ready to Perform

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